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Floating Points

Design and development of web app for Floating Points

In late August 2016, the band Floating Points travelled to the Mojave Desert to rehearse and record before their tour of the Southern States of America. Whilst visiting Joshua Tree national park, they were struck not only by its physical beauty, but also of the sonic reflections from the rock formations. A unique sound of reverb, echo and phase shifting modulating the sound from its surroundings. They took advantage of this environment to write and record some new music at the base of some of these natural sculptures which was documented by a short film.

We worked with UK based music distribution label Republic of Music to create an iTunes exclusive LP format for the release across UK, Australia, Japan and the US. The deluxe format includes 5 tracks, a continuous mix, live video of the performance, photos and live shots and will be available in June 2017.

Preorder from iTunes here.